Camp Schedule

June 19-23           Deep Sea World               

June 26-30           Marvel Comic Series

July 10-14           Disney/Pixar Adventures

July 17-21           Snack Attack

July 24-28           Pencils & Portraits

July 30- Aug. 4    Lost in the Rainforest

August 7-11        Harry Potter's Mixed Medium

Camp Descriptions

Art Summer Camps

  • We encourage young artists ages 5+ to join us this summer. 
  • Camp times are 12:30-2:00pm.
  • Cost is $150 per session
  • 10% Sibling discount is available

Learning Allegro has a full summer of art planned with our awesome summer camp programs.  Explore the ocean, trek the rainforest, design your own superhero and create some magic with mixed mediums.  Each camp is designed for students ages 5+ and tailored to each students individual artistic level.  To enroll, just call the studio at 484-341-8842


     (Medium: Acrylic paint, spray-paint)
     Age: 5+
Ahoy ! Bring an old t-shirt (and a snack if you like!) and get ready to dive into the deep sea! Hold onto your bootstraps as we paint a shipwreck with lost treasure, mysterious glowing fish, and a GIANT squid. Glow in the dark paint included !! Young artists will learn to spray-paint their canvases, and then paint with acrylics. No experience necessary. See you down in the deep !!

     (Medium: Spray-paint, acrylic paint, charcoal)
     Age: 5+
In this high flying series, young artists use their artistic superpowers to bring their favorite Marvel comic book characters to life on the canvas. Learning Allegro welcomes heroes and villains from X-MEN, The Avengers, and Spiderman. Artists will learn to spray-paint, work with acrylic paint, and complete a black and white drawing using charcoal. HULK SMASH included !! No experience necessary. Snacks are welcome. Bring your cape!!...just kidding.

     (Medium: Spray-paint, acrylic paint)
     Age: 5+
Young artists get a chance to "Let it Go" when they paint their favorite characters from Disney's FROZEN, The Little Mermaid, Finding Nemo and MONSTERS Inc. Artists will spray paint their canvases and paint with acrylics. Glow in the dark paint included !! Bring an old shirt and some snacks and meet other young artists who love the same movies you do. No experience necessary.

     (Medium: Spray-paint, acrylic paint, colored pencil, food)
     Age: 5+
Now is the time to decide what your three favorite snacks are. Ready? GO!! Please bring your favorite fruit, favorite candy bar, and a third snack of your choice to this art feast!  Eating included !! Glow in the dark paint included !!  Young artists will paint and use colored pencils throughout class.  They will also paint their snacks throughout multiple stages of the snacking process. Tastes good to me! No experience necessary. So make sure you hide your favorite snacks until we bust them out at camp snack attack !!

     (Medium: Pencil)
     Age: 8+
In this round of Pencils and Portraits at Learning Allegro all young artists will learn how to draw a male and female celebrity. Celebrities of choice will be the amazing Taylor Swift as well as the infamous Captain Jack Sparrow from The Pirates of the Caribbean films. No experience necessary. Snacks are welcome. 

     (Medium: Acrylic paint, spray-paint, pastel)
     Age: 5+
Bring a cool pair of sunglasses and come get lost with us at Learning Allegro as we paint the exotic animals of the rainforest. Young artists will paint canvases of a tiger in the jungle, paint an elephant up close, and draw a bright gecko with pastels. Glow in the dark paint included !!  No experience necessary. Snacks are welcome. 

     (Medium: Acrylic paint, marker, newspaper, charcoal)
     Age: 5+
Here at the Learning Allegro school of charcoal and wizardry, we like to teach our young artists the magic of combining a few art styles/mediums into one awesome project.  Artists will learn to work with paint, markers, newspaper, and charcoal to create the famous characters of the Harry Potter movie series. Goblet of fire included!!  No experience necessary. Be sure to bring an old shirt (and snack if you like) to class. Until then, "Take care, Harry!!"