Group violin classes are a fantastic way to introduce a young musician to the world of string instruments and classical music!  This class is designed for beginner and intermediate violin students.  Beginners will work on posture, note reading, and basic music theory.  Our intermediate students will have a chance to perfect technique, improve intonation and tackle more complex rhythms.  Bowing technique will be a focus for all students and showcased in periodic showcases for parents!  Learning Allegro partners with Menchey Music Service to provide high quality violin rentals for students who do not yet have an instrument.  Our Group Violin Classes are a wonderful precursor to our Chamber Ensemble

Group Guitar Classes

Thursdays 5:30-6:30pm

Group Ukulele Classes

On Summer Break

Group Violin Classes

On Summer Break


$50per month

Is your son or daughter interested in guitar but a little young for guitar classes?  Join our Group Ukulele Classes.  Smaller instruments and nylon strings are easier on little fingers and the social aspect of a group class keeps students focused on fun!  Students will learn rhythms, chord theory, strum patterns, basic melodies and chords.

Group Ukulele classes

Ages 5+        
$50 per month


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Group classes are a wonderful way to try out a new instrument.  Designed for our beginner to intermediate students, Group Guitar Classes offer a fun, easy way to begin learning a new instrument.  Students will learn chords, theory and strum patterns hidden in their favorite songs.  Bring a friend and we will work together as a group to play some great songs.  This class is a great precursor to our Rock Band Program!  

Group Music classes

Group Guitar classes

Ages 5+        
$50 per month

Group Violin classes