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Guitar Masterclass Workshops

November 12:  Fingerpicking and Alternate Tunings.  Achieving the perfect sound goes beyond basic chords.  In this workshop, Matt covers the basics of fingerpicking to create a more complex sound.  Want your cover to sound just like the original, learn how to drop tune to get your desired sound.  Combine the two techniques and you can finally perform that piece that has been eluding you!

December 10:  Guitar Tone.  Using the right amp for the sound you want.  Performing the song is not always just about perfecting the notes and strum patterns.  Amp choice goes a long way to achieving the tone quality that fits the piece you are performing.  In this class, Matt helps finesse the technique to create pure chords and then combines it with knowledge about the sounds produced by different amps.

Whether you are just a beginner or you have development some skill on your guitar, we have a masterclass for you!  Each of these two hour workshops is designed to give an introduction to a different aspect of playing and performing on guitar.  From topics such as fingerpicking, to pedal effects, to jazz chords, we are sure that we have a class to help take your guitar performance to the next level.  Classes and dates are posted monthly.