Precious Preludes: Ages 6 months-2 yrs

Classes on Wednesday at 10:00am

30 minute class.  $60 for a 6 week session

Creative Crescendos:  Ages 2-4yrs

Classes on Monday at 10:45am

45 minute class. $70 for a 6 week session

Tutti Time Family Class:  Siblings of different ages

Classes on Tuesdays at 1:45pm

45 minute class.  $70 for a 6 week session

Rockin' Rhythms

This class, designed for our older toddlers ages 3-6, expands on the music concepts from our Toddler Music classes.  Using our hands, rhythm sticks, egg shakers and drums, we explore the world of rhythm.  Ear training and the basics of drumming are enforced and students are encouraged to create their own rhythms!  Parents are welcome to stay for class or escape for an errand or two!

$90 for a 6 week session.


This introductory piano class is geared toward our youngest musicians ages 3-5 years old. In a private lesson style class, students will learn the keys of the piano as well as beginner music theory. Classes, led by a trained, professional pianist, will incorporate songs, fingerplays, music theory coloring pages, piano performance and more. Kids who love the piano will love this pre-cursor to private piano lessons. Give your child a head start to learning the theory that governs all music. Kids who complete this course will surely be able to move effortlessly into private lessons on any instrument.

$195 for an 8 week session.  Call for available times.

Music for Young Beginners

At Learning Allegro, your child will learn music theory and learn it fast, in a fun, energetic environment!

Toddler Music Circles

Learning Allegro's philosophy is that everyone has an innate ability to appreciate, learn and play music. In our Preludes class, babies are introduced to the differences between loud and soft notes, high and low pitches, fast and slow tempos. They listen to counting in finger plays and learn different parts of the body in our activity songs. Gross and fine motor skills are developed and vocabulary increased through our repetition of familiar songs.

Classic children's songs are used in every class so that parents can continue the fun at home with the familiar songs. In Learning Allegro classes we believe knowing how the music is made is just as important as singing along. Children will be introduced to many different styles of music and playing techniques. Live violin, viola or piano music is played at every class and various rhythm instruments are played by the children for many songs. The best way to experience music is to play it yourself!