Our Art Classes

We are thrilled to partner with Amy Spencer and Once Upon a Painting Party for art classes at Learning Allegro!  Ms. Amy Spencer is a certified elementary/art teacher will guide your child while they explore their creative side. 

Special Event Classes, Saturday Art Days and Summer Art Camps are all available at Learning Allegro! 

Take Home Canvas Events!

Keep an eye on our social media for the next take home canvas events.  Everything you need to create masterwork of your own at home.  Special theme and Holiday canvases are offered for pick up at Learning Allegro throughout the year!  

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Express Yourself with Art Classes

at Learning Allegro!

Benefits of our Art Program

Develops a strong foundation in various art mediums:
By exploring multiple art mediums, students will develop a well-rounded foundation in drawing and painting, enabling them to pursue more advanced artistic endeavors with confidence.

Enhances creativity and self-expression:
The course encourages students to experiment with different techniques and mediums,fostering creativity and self-expression. This creative exploration allows students to discover their unique artistic style and voice.

Encourages critical thinking and problem-solving skills:
As students learn various techniques and concepts, they will also develop critical thinking and problem-solving skills. These skills are essential not only for artistic pursuits but also for success in other areas of life.

Builds confidence and a sense of accomplishment:
The Introduction to Drawing & Painting course helps students build confidence in their artistic abilities as they create unique artwork and master new techniques. This sense of accomplishment can have a positive impact on their overall self-esteem and motivation.

Painting Party flyer for kids art class. Art classes in Chester County, Downingtown, Glenmoore, Pottstown, Chester Springs, Elverson, Kimberton, Phoenixville, Coatesville, West Chester

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