Benefits of Learning With a Group

Learning music or an instrument as part of a group at Learning Allegro is more than just an opportunity to develop musical skills; it’s a wonderful way to cultivate social skills, boost self-confidence, and have fun!

When you learn as part of a group, you can appreciate the unique contributions that each member makes, learning from their strengths and assisting in their weaknesses. It's a cooperative effort that teaches empathy, understanding, and teamwork. 

Engaging in group music lessons also fosters an exciting and motivating environment where students can motivate each other to improve. The joy of achieving a combined goal – such as perfecting a complex piece—builds an immeasurable sense of camaraderie and accomplishment.

Group classes also provide a platform for performance. The opportunity to perform in front of peers prepares students for public performances and boosts self-esteem. Plus, there's always the benefit of collective applause!

Lastly, group music lessons are a lot of fun! The energy and dynamics of learning music in a group are livelier and offer a more enriched learning experience when compared to solo lessons. 

Ready to immerse yourself in the joy and benefits of group learning? Sign up now for a group lesson at Learning Allegro, and let's make some beautiful music together!

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Group Guitar Classes

Learning Allegro

Music School

Group guitar lessons at Learning Allegro are a fantastic way to introduce yourself to a new instrument.  These classes designed for students 6yrs old and up are a fun filled way to learn about the fundamentals of playing the guitar.  Students will learn about melody, harmony, strumming patters, chord structure and more!  Students will work together to play simple melodies and harmonies!

Classes held on Wednesday at 4:30PM
$80 per month (includes lesson book)