Stimulates Brain Development
Music can unlock a child’s path for learning in a way that nothing else might. It builds children’s development, by boosting their confidence and language skills. Babies and young children connect to the melody and beat of the music since they don’t know the words. At this age, the bonus benefit of music is to help with brain and physical development. ​Music can stimulate the formation of brain chemicals such as dopamine and oxytocin. When these are released, children are more open to sharing toys, empathizing and trusting others.  The rhythmic patterns in music actually exercise a baby’s brain without them even realizing. When we hear rhythmic sounds, our brains are hard-wired to tell us what comes next – this process helps develop critical thinking skills! 

Encourages Socialization
Group play sessions provide more opportunities for interaction!  As babies get acquainted with music class and socializing, it becomes clear that music can help infants be in more tune with their emotions. Learning about emotions like happiness, sadness and anger gives them a solid foundation for social skills. And we love that moving in sync to music with others helps toddlers form social bonds.

Improves Motor Skills
Motor skills are the baby’s ability to move their body in a coordinated way. From the time they’re born, babies start developing their motor skills. Music class is a great way to help them develop these skills because there is so much opportunity for expression and movement! Music encourages children’s inclination to move, developing both their fine motor skills and gross motor skills. Plus, if the rhythm is very entertaining, you may even notice your toddler starting to jump up and down, which helps with their muscle development, strength, and balance.

Promotes Language Skills

Music class is a great way to promote language skills in babies. In a music class, babies are exposed to so many sounds and rhythms that can help them develop language skills. And, for many young kids, music class might be their first introduction to a teaching structure. So joining a music class provides a new opportunity for kids to practice their listening skills as well. When infants and babies listen to music, they learn to differentiate between different sounds and patterns. This helps them develop their ability to understand spoken language. Additionally, musical-based classes can help babies develop their vocal skills. By singing along with the music, they learn how to produce the sounds needed for speech. Even if babies don’t know how to sing yet, they will try to mimic the sounds they hear.

Strengthens Bonding
One of the benefits of music education is that it can help bond relationships. This can be between parents and children, or between caregivers and children. One reason for this is that singing together encourages communication and interaction. It can also help create strong emotional bonds. In fact, researchers discovered that babies engage more with being sung to versus just listening to music. It’s no surprise that music education can be a great way to create stronger bonds between the child and the caretaker. In addition, the child is the singular focus with no outside distractions, phones or alerts competing for attention, what baby doesn’t love that!

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Learning Allegro

Music School

Creative Crescendos Toddler Music Class

(Ages 1-3 years old)

Learning Allegro offers exciting classes to introduce young children to music.  In our "Mommy and Me" style Toddler music classes, we incorporate live and recorded music, age appropriate instruments, scarves, puppets, and more!  Interactive songs and games encourage children to explore the world of music, practice verbal skills and improve gross and fine motor skills.  Parents and caregivers are encouraged to dance, sing and celebrate music with the kids!

Class held:

Tuesday mornings at 10:00-10:45am
Wednesday mornings 10:00-10:45am
​$50 per month

Toddler Music Classes

Why Join a Music Class with My Toddler?